Tell Gov. Rick Perry, “You’re Out of Line!”

140721-rick-perry-red-cross-300x300.jpgFor people like Gov. Rick Perry, it might make sense to point guns at scared children fleeing violence. For the rest of us, we know that’s not how we  should respond to a humanitarian crisis.

Rep. Joaquin Castro was right when he said we need to send the Red Cross, not deploy 1,000 National Guard troops. A humanitarian crisis deserves a humanitarian response.

Perry needs to stop listening to his friends (Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Dan Patrick, etc.) whose idea of compassion is an express deportation ticket back to indescribable violence. He needs to hear from us that Texans want these children treated humanely, and we do not want a militarized border.

Help us raise the voice of reason and tell Perry that instead of sending armed troops, he should send humanitarian help to the border.

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